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President’s Message

It has been 135 years since that first meeting of the Lancaster County Beekeepers Society.  When reading those accounts in The Lancaster Farmer (posted in our History) you realize how little beekeeping has changed since 1876. Today’s Beekeepers are still trying to decide which bees are the best for honey production, winter survival, temperament and resistance to pests and disease.

One thing the founders of our organization were doing that I believe we must bring back is producing our own queens. If not just for the pure joy of raising some of your own queens, making splits and watching them grow into a full honey producing hive, than at least for the savings in your wallet. One queen shipped from Georgia will cost $40; a split or 4 frame Nuc will be $75 and up. The skills are simple; the payback in knowledge and experience, working with your bees, is priceless.

Bees and beekeeping has experienced a real surge in interest in the past few years. Our group has grown, with many new beekeepers getting their first hives and experiencing the joys and challenges of maintaining bee hives. Keeping bees is an ongoing learning process that I do not believe ever ends. Our club has a mix of beekeepers. We have the beginner waiting for their first package of bees to arrive and settle into that new, freshly painted hive. We also have the commercial beekeeper, moving hundreds of hives by truck for pollination services and everything in between. There is a Great pool of knowledge in the Lancaster County Honey Producers members just waiting to be tapped.

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Thanks for your interest in Honeybees,
Jim Pinkerton

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