July Meeting

July 17, 2018 - 06:00 PM

Southeast Ag Research and Extension Center
1446 Auction Road
Manheim, PA 17545

Option 1: At The Bees
It’s really over due time for mite checks on the farm hives. We’ve recruited PA Department of Ag inspector Nate Weber to remind us how to do it right. Nate will be doing sugar rolls on the hives at the farm. To show a different perspective and how the researchers get absolute numbers, member Ed B. will be doing alcohol washes on some of the hives to count mites that way. Yes, this way is destructive to those ~300 bees, but as Nate has reminded us, the mites will take down a hive a lot more quickly than the missing work of those 300 bees. So when you just have to know, count mites and don’t sweat it.

Ed may also be working to consolidate the remnants of this year’s nucs. We sold at least 10 nucs from the survivor hives at the farm, all from splits and all going to members. As it’s now mid-July, we won’t be selling any more, so if your name didn’t come up, we’ll almost certainly do it again next year. We’ve got a number of newly-queenless nucs there at the farm since the queen was sold with frames from that nuc this past weekend. We kept a single nuc completely in tact, queen and all, for the club. The plan is put all those bees together into a full size hive so it can get ready to head into the winter. This really is just like it sounds, everyone in the pool, but you can come see how that’s done with Ed at the helm.

Option 2: Inside The Barn
Inside the barn, I’ll be talking about “survivability math”. I’ll apologize in advance to any proper mathematicians we may have in the group. This is my take on trying to give some idea of the number of hives that you might consider keeping to have a sustainable apiary (spoiler alert, it isn’t 2).

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