July Meeting

July 16, 2019 - 06:00 PM

Southeast Ag Research and Extension Center
1446 Auction Road
Manheim, PA 17545

Our July meeting feels early since the first Tuesday is so early in the month. We’re going to have a hard start at 6pm as Nate Weber, our PDA apiary inspector, will be demonstrating sugar rolls on the hives to check for mites. This is something you must do as a beekeeper if you expect healthy hives that can make it through the winter. A wise beekeeper once said, “Do you need to manage for mites in every hive? Only in those you want to keep.”

We’ll then move into the pole barn to have a panel discussion on wintering. I know that talking wintering in July seems a little bizarre. In past years, we often put this off until October and have found that some of the knowledge, at that point, is coming too late for beekeepers to act. So this year we’ll do it in July and hopefully give everyone a good head start on what wintering equipment and tasks they may need to complete well in advance.

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