September Meeting

September 15, 2020 - 06:00 PM

Our speaker for September is Sam Abban. Sam is the manager of the USDA National Honey Bee Disease Service. This service receives over 2000 honey bee samples annually from beekeepers and inspectors. Diagnostics are provided for parasitic mites, gut parasites, and two important bacterial diseases of honey bees, usual within one week. This service has been provided by the USDA since the early 1900’s, initially from the USDA offices in Washington DC. Sam has been part of the Bee Research Laboratory for many years and helps describe the challenges facing honey bees to a wide audience. Prior to joining USDA, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Washington Adventist University.

Sam’s summary of his talk:

“Honey Bee Disease Diagnostics and Research Conducted at the USDA Bee Lab”
Screening and monitoring the prevalence of American and European foulbrood diseases, Nosema infection, Varroa and honeybee tracheal mites, as well as other common pests and pathogens in U.S colonies. We are also in a key position to recognize and identify novel or emerging pest and diseases that we may encounter through apiary inspectors or beekeepers. We support various scientific research projects conducted at the USDA Bee Lab aimed at identifying new controls to reduce the impact of pests and pathogens on honey bee health.

This meeting will be held online, remotely. A link for the meeting will be sent to all members a day or two ahead of the meeting. If you do not receive an email within that time, please check your spam folder, and if you still cannot locate the email, contact Matt at

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