Honey Bee Removal

Are They Honey Bees?

LCBS members only deal with European honey bees. Any other type native bee, wasp, or hornet will be out of our purview and a professional pest control company should be contacted. If you can physically see a gray paper nest or if the insects are entering the ground, these are not honey bees. Here are some examples of wasps that an exterminator can help you remove.

But If They Are Honey Bees…

A honey bee colony may split at any time of year. This split involves the existing queen leaving her original colony with about half the bees to find a new place to live. The bees left behind then raise a new queen. This homeless group of bees is officially called a swarm. They will cluster together almost anywhere but normally on a tree, fence post, mailbox, or something similar. The bees then go about finding a new home.

A swarm of honey bees looking for a home

Honey bees can move into any cavity they find hospitable. The cavity must exist though, honey bees will not chew or burrow to create a hollow space. In nature, honey bees will almost always chose a hollow tree, but in areas with humans, they may also choose other spaces such as a wall, a barrel, or a chimney.

If you notice a swarm at your house, meaning a cluster of bees that are out in the open, please use our swarm collector search page to find a nearby beekeeper who will come get them if they’re accessible and close enough to the ground. This is a free service. The swarm collector search is here: Swarm Collector Search Page

If, on the other hand, you notice bees entering and exiting a structure such as your home, garage, or shed you’ll need a qualified bee removal expert. Unfortunately, the work involved in removing bees is extensive and is not provided for free. LCBS currently has two members doing bee removals. Please contact one of these qualified individuals and arrange a consultation to discuss your situation. Be aware that the first thing you’ll be asked to provide is pictures of the bees themselves from as close as you can get. Even a picture of a dead one is fine.

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