Useful Documents and Links

  •  Hive Registration
    Link to PaPlants where you can newly register or renew your apiary registration. If you never done this online, just click New License or Registration and the site will walk you through the process.
  • 2024 New Beekeeper Workshop Presentations
    This is for the personal use of our members, please do not redistribute/link/repost without permission.    
     2024 Workshop Slides (large PDF, ~26MB)
  •  Forest Hill Woodworking
    Our local beekeeping supply house in Nickel Mine. Forest Hill now has a website…Check it out!
  • Designing A Bee Garden
    • Handout on designing and planting a bee garden developed by LCBS, YCBA, and our Master Gardener friend Lydia Martin
  • If you like to use iCal to sync events into a single calendar, here’s an iCal feed for all our events: